Growby vs WATI – The Best WATI Alternative

If your search for the best WATI alternative got you here, then you have come to the right place. 

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We humans are habitual to the fact that we want the best of everything. Then why compromise when it comes to using WhatsApp marketing software.

There are several WATI alternatives in the market like listed below. Click here to check all the WATI Alternatives:

Software Rating Free / Trial Best for
Growby 4.8 ⭐️ Small & medium businesses, Marketing use-cases and broadcast
Aisensy 4.4 ⭐️ Enterprises and BFSI
Wati 4.4 ⭐️ Enterprises and BFSI
Interakt 4.3 ⭐️ Large Ecommerce Companies
Delightchat 4.0 ⭐️ Shopify Stores only
Doubletick 3.9 ⭐️ Mostly for customer support 4.4 ⭐️ Large Enterprises and BFSI, Retail, Fortune 500 companies 4.1⭐️ Large Enterprises and BFSI, Retail, Fortune 500 companies in USA
Gupshup 4.4 ⭐️ Large Enterprises and Telecom, Govt, Top 100 companies in India
Helpwise 4.2 ⭐️ Mostly for customer support
Zoko 4.3 ⭐️ Shopify Stores only
Freshchat 4.1 ⭐️ Mostly for customer support
Twilio 4.8 ⭐️ Developers
Messagebird 4.1 ⭐️ For Fortune 500 Tech companies like Uber, Google etc

Now let’s compare Wati in-depth with Growby and showcase the pros and cons of each tool.

We will do the comparison of these 2 WhatsApp marketing platform based on:

  • The easiest contact management interface 📇
  • The fastest campaign management functionality 🚀
  • The simplest interactive inbox 📥
  • The finest automation features 🛠️
  • The coolest WhatsApp AI Chatbot

Why are we doing this? Because if you find the perfect tool, you’ll handle all your WhatsApp marketing in one go. 

Let’s start with Growby first

Features of Growby – WhatsApp Marketing Tool 

Growby offers powerful WhatsApp marketing software solutions that empower businesses to reach their audience like never before.

CONTACT MANAGEMENT: import unlimited contact with ease

CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT: Send 1000s of messages in minutes with efficient campaign management.

WHATSAPP INBOX: Interactive inbox to interact with your customer’s incoming messages

AUTOMATION: Use keyword based automation to ensure timely engagement.

WHATSAPP AI CHATBOT: Create powerful WhatsApp AI Chatbot with your website’s content and reply to customer’s queries in real time 24×7.

Now you know about Growby. We will now explain how Growby is better than Wati. 

We are going to give you a detailed comparison of Growby Vs Wati.

Now let’s dive deeper into these comparisons to get a clear picture.

1. WhatsApp Business API

Having an official Business API helps businesses to gain the user’s trust. We say this because businesses get META approved tag when sending messages to the customers.

This showcases the businesses as trustable brand.

But getting the approval for the WhatsApp business API can take time if not done correctly. This is where Growby comes in. 

Growby gets your API approval instantly and it’s free of cost. 

This is not the case with WATI. Let us show you the difference.

2. Customer Support

“When you serve the customer better, they always return on your investment.” – Kara Parlin.

This is what Growby believes in. 


We provide customer support through 3 channels i.e Phone call, Email and Google/Zoom Meeting. Based on the customer’s preference, immediate support is provided.


Wati provides customer support. But it’s limited to Emails. 

The customer has to raise a ticket, then wait 2-3 days to get their queries solved. 

So, even in terms of providing the best support, a good WATI alternative is Growby.

3. Green Tick Application

Having a green tick on your WhatsApp business profile is a massive advantage as it gives you an authenticity. 

Its a symbol of trust and credibility.

Here’s how the two brands compare when it comes to help you getting that authenticity.


Growby not only charges 0 service fee but also helps businesses with their green tick application. 

Through constant support over calls or Google/Zoom meet, Growby helps businesses with the process of green tick application.


WATI charges approx Rs3800 with minimal support for the same thing. For the businesses which are unable to complete the process on their own, this can turn out to be a bad thing. 

4. AI Powered WhatsApp Chatbot

WhatsApp AI Chatbot powered by ChatGPT takes customer support to a whole new level. 

A WhatsApp bot that solves your customer queries even after business hours, what’s more productive than that?

This is the level at which Growby functions at. Let us explain how.


Growby has a powerful WhatsApp AI Chatbot. 

It creates a personalized WhatsApp chatbot with your website content, PDF, DOC, & Text Content.

It works 24×7 and answers any user query in real-time. 

“Send a WhatsApp message on +919099912730 to check AI Chatbot functionality.”


WATI has a keyword-based chatbot. This means, that only for specific keywords will the response be generated. 

This limits the chatbot’s functionality to a range of queries it can answer. 

5: User Friendly Interface – Who has the better one?


“A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good.”-Martin LeBlanc

Growby does not joke around when it comes to creating the best WhatsApp marketing software for their customers. 

Its UI/UX is so user friendly, that someone from a non tech background can easily master it in a matter of 5 mins. 


WATI’s interface has its ups and downs. The UI/UX can hang when there is a major update from them.

Compared to Growby, which is easily the better WATI alternative in this case, WATI’s interface demands some understanding from the user to master it.


We need to first understand what these charges mean. 

What is Conversation-based pricing?

Since February 1, 2022, WhatsApp has started billing businesses for conversations instead of per message.

In this pricing model, WhatsApp charges for different types of conversations within a 24-hour period.

As of June 2023, there are 4 conversation types for pricing:

  • Marketing Conversation – Messages about product news, special deals, ads, or promotions.
  • Utility Conversation – Transactional messages, like delivery status or payment confirmations.
  • Authentication Conversation – OTP messages for signing up, account recovery, or security checks.
  • Service Conversation – Customer support messages to answer questions or provide help


Growby charges the least per message charge for each type of conversation. 


WATI’s pricing for each category is high. Imagine sending 10k messages, and paying 10k for it. It’s not feasible in the long run for any business.

At an average, there is a 20 % difference in cost for each conversation type between Growby and WATI

We have covered the points which show how Growby is the best WATI alternative. 

But the main point is yet to be covered, and that is the WhatsApp marketing platform pricing.

WhatsApp Marketing Platform Pricing

Growby Vs Wati Pricing Plan Explained

Growby has both yearly starting at just Rs 5999. Whereas WATI has monthly plans which start at Rs2500, which takes it to approx Rs 30000/ year

Growby believes in “One Purchase, Lifetime Perks!” . Therefore it has lifetime plans which start at Rs 16999. WATI has no such plan.

Every Growby plan includes free Green Tick Verification and no additional charges for template creation. WATI’s charges may vary depending on unforeseen factors in the long run.

To conclude as to why Growby is the best WATI alternative

Is Growby the Best Wati Alternative?

With competitive advantages in pricing, chatbot integration, and unique features like WhatsApp AI Chatbot, Growby stands out with superior offerings and friendly customer support.

Both Wati and Growby simplify operations for businesses by offering a no-code platform for the WhatsApp Business API.

However, Growby distinguishes itself with enhanced features, functionalities, and more accessible pricing, positioning it as the top Wati alternative.