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Win your lost customers back with WhatsApp messages sent automatically by our Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugin.

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What is WooCommerce Abandoned Cart?

For any eCommerce business, the most important objective is to convert a visitor into a paid customer. However, most of the time, your website visitors drop out before making an actual purchase.

Abandoned Cart is an eCommerce term that
describes a user who:

1Visits website and adds products to the cart
2Continues to checkout by filling some user or cart information
3Suddenly decided to leave the website for some unknown reasons

How can WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery plugin help?

Leading organization did research and found that if 100 people abandon their cart, 70% of them have abandoned the cart because they have decided not to purchase. So, it means that this 70% of users are not going to make purchases on your website.However, it also means that around 30% of users, while making the purchase, got distracted and forgot to complete the order on your website.

Growby WooCommerce cart Abandoned recovery plugin will send WhatsApp message reminder to these users so that they can visit back your store and then complete the payment for the order. This plugin can massively improve your revenue and help you convert those customers who were just on the verge of making a payment but got diverted because of reasons such as payment card not being handy, the internet down, or someone knocking on the door.
comparison chart between WhatsApp Vs Gmail

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Plugin Features

Admin Order Notification

Website owners get a WhatsApp message for all successfull orders.

Customer Order Notification

Customers get a WhatsApp message once they place an order.

Use your own WhatsApp Number

Start immediately using your own phone number for all messages.

WhatsApp Chat Button

Connect with your customers through WhatsApp click to chat.

Automated Messaging

Install once and then sit back and relax, forever.

How to get started with the abandoned cart plugin?

arrow 1 2 mins
arrow 2 2 mins
arrow 3 45 mins
4 5 mins

Tired of losing revenue because of visitors abandoning the carts?

Install the WordPress plugin once and let the plugin manage abandoned cart recovery automatically. Instantly convert your lost revenue by automated WhatsApp marketing software messages to increase business success.


Growby 4-in-1 Wordpress Plugin


1. Recover Abandoned Cart

Automatically recover pending order to increase sales!

WhatsApp has 99% open rate and 40%+ response rate. It is the best channel to reach out to your customers to inform them about the pending order.

Growby’s Abandoned cart widget send WhatsApp messages for incomplete orders, unlike other plugins in the market that sends abandoned cart reminders via email. Messages can be customized, personalized, and can even contain discount offers to attract the customer to complete the purchase.

Above all, you just need to setup once and the plugin will manage the rest!

2. Successful Order Notification

Owner and Customer get order notification instantly!

Every customer loves to receive acknowledgement for successful orders. It gives them surety that the order is placed and our plugin does exactly the same by sending automatically WhatsApp message to customers.

It takes a lot of time to set up your website as a business owner. Our plugin helps you eliminate the wait and keeps you informed with every successful order recorded by the plugin.

It's time to feel the rush with every order!

3. Click to Chat

Connect with visitors through WhatsApp!

An absolutely free & simple to use WordPress plugin for Click to Chat through WhatsApp! Give your customers a way to connect with you quickly.

Along with the abandoned cart, you get a free Click-to-Chat plugin, that you can install on your WordPress website and allow users to contact you.

This widget is 100% free to use.

4. Forward Incoming Messages

All incoming messages received on the number configured in this plugin can be forwarded to any WhatsApp number as per your preferences.

So let's say the plugin sent a message to a customer on an abandoning cart. Now customers respond by sending WhatsApp messages to that number. In this case, the system can forward the message to your desired number. you just need to enter the email address and forward number.



When is the cart considered as an abandoned cart?
A cart is considered abandoned when the purchase is not made within 60 mins of adding the product to the cart.
What is WooCommerce Abandoned Cart?
Often shoppers add products to the cart and visit the checkout page. But for some reason, do not complete the purchase. Such incomplete purchases are called “WooCommerce Abandoned Carts”.
What is called the recovery of WooCommerce Abandoned Carts.?
The recovery of WooCommerce Abandoned Carts can be easily and automatically done by plugins like Growby. This plugin sends automatically messages reminding them of Abandoned orders”.
Will this plugin affect the speed on my website?
Just like WooCommerce, this plugin is self-hosted. All the data is optimized and stored in its own database table. The plugin does not impact performance of the website at all.
Can I give a coupon to recover the order and track their status?
As of current version,you cannot send coupon to recover the order. However, we are going to launch this functionality very soon.
How to disable the abandoned cart?
Go to abandoned cart settings and uncheck enable abandoned cart box.
What happens when an order is claimed by the customer?
Once an order has been claimed, it is moved to the Recovered Order tab and removed from the Abandoned Orders List. Customers who have already claimed their abandoned cart will not receive further Messages.

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