Omni-Channel Marketing
Automation Platform

Hey there, We are Whatso.
Whatso helps businesses to connect with their customers through channels like
WhatsApp,  SMS, Voice, Email, and more. Whatso provides a simple-to-use marketing automation software so that you can delight your customers with excellent service.

Completely Redefined Mobile Marketing

If you have a number, we have a way!

Whatso is an all-in-one Marketing Software for businesses of all size. Since 2019, Whatso has been connecting companies to their customers on millions of devices around the world through the mobile-marketing product.


Engage with your customers on SMS. Connect Whatso with your own Phone Device, SMS Provider or use our state-of-the-art SMS Platform.


Connect with your customers through Cloud Telephony for seamless business Communication and Pay-as-you-go model.


Now you can communicate with your customer using our complete WhatsApp automation software product.

About Us

We Learn. We Experiment. We Do. We Adapt. We Distrupt.

"We are small. We are hungry for growth.
We are ambitious. We want to win.
Either we succeed or we learn. We never fail.
We want to create value.
At the end, we want to be remembered."

Product First

We are the product and we give highest priority to the product. Our philosophy is that if the product is great, the customers would truly benefit.


We believe in thoughtful risk-taking. We take risks and build cutting edge features or use latest technology and are never afraid to fail.

Win-Win Situation

We don't believe that life is a zero-sum-game. If you interact with us as a customer or an employee, we assure you that we will have a win-win relationship.

We are hiring

  • We believe in hiring passionate people. We are currently hiring for remote designing, software development and digital marketing positions. If that sounds melody to your ears, then get ready to innovate with one of the best IT startups.
  • We work immensely hard. We believe that perfection comes at a cost. We do not see the clock when we work. Our philosophy is that creative work comes in burst & cannot be restricted to a 9 * 5 work setup.

Contact Us

  • Reach out to us on and share your CV with us.
  • 309, 3rd floor, Atlantis Heights
    Near Center Square Mall, Vadiwadi
    Vadodara, Gujarat