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Growby is a platform offering powerful WhatsApp marketing software solutions tailored to your business. With our bulk WhatsApp sender and WhatsApp bulk message sender tools, streamline your communication efforts and connect with your audience like never before.

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Benefits of using WhatsappTM Marketing Tool

Our bulk WhatsApp sender free trial provides a glimpse into the potential of our software. It's only natural to want to test things out before investing time and money. So, you can try out the WhatsApp bulk message software free version which will help you understand why we're a step ahead of the competition.


Send up to 1,00,000 messages per day from your own WhatsApp number.


No setup charges. Pay message charge directly to Facebook.

Growby - WhatsApp Marketing Software

Free Version
  • No setup feeYou can only send messages to 25 contacts at a time
  • Send bulk campaignsYou can send campaigns with our approved templates.
  • Whitelabel for resellingMessages can only be sent from our approved number.
  • Whitelabel for resellingAutomation is not available.

Our bulk whatsapp sender free trial provides a glimpse into the potential of our software.You can use the full extent of it and grow your business effortlessly.

Paid Version
  • No setup feeYou will be able to send thousands of messages a month
  • Send bulk campaignsCreate your own personalized templates
  • Whitelabel for resellingYou can use your own mobile number
  • Whitelabel for resellingYou can run targeted campaigns using your own templates.

Upgrading to the full version of our WhatsApp Marketing Software can have a significant impact on your business success. This will result in a boost in sales, revenue, and growth for your company.

Chrome Extension

Free Version
  • No setup feeSend up to 5 messages at once.
  • Send bulk campaignsImport up to 5 contacts at a time.
  • Send bulk campaignsSpeed settings available.
  • Whitelabel for resellingIncludes "Send" button.
Paid Version
  • No setup feeSend unlimited messages.
  • Send bulk campaignsImport unlimited contacts.
  • Whitelabel for resellingSpeed settings available.
  • Whitelabel for resellingIncludes "Send" button.
  • Whitelabel for resellingGrab group contacts with ease.
  • Whitelabel for resellingSend images, videos, and documents.

How can a free WhatsApp marketing tool enhance your marketing strategies?

Exploring the free demo of Growby's WhatsApp marketing tool is a valuable opportunity to delve into the features and functionalities of this innovative software. By trying out the Growby WhatsApp marketing software free version, you can gain firsthand experience with its user interface, assess its compatibility with your business needs, and comprehend how it operates.

Additionally, utilizing free WhatsApp tools for business during the trial period allows you to assess the tool's effectiveness, providing insights into its potential impact on your marketing strategies. This hands-on experience becomes even more accessible with the option of a free WhatsApp marketing software download from Growby, enabling you to thoroughly evaluate the tool's capabilities before making any commitments.

Embracing Growby's free WhatsApp marketing tool not only grants you a comprehensive understanding of the product but also empowers you to make informed decisions about its integration into your business marketing endeavors

WhatsAppTM Marketing Software FAQ's

Is WhatsApp marketing tool free to use?

The tool is chargeable with one time fee. After that you will have to pay charge for each message directly to WhatsApp.

What is the limit for WhatsApp messages?

No limit for the message content. You can send any message in any format you wish to.

What Languages are supported? Does Growby support Emojis?

Growby supports all languages supported by Whatsapp including emoji's & smiley's to create impact for your content.

I have more questions. Where do I contact?

You can reach us by sending an email on hi@Growby.net. We will try our best to reply to you within 24-48 working hours.

Can I send any kind of message through WhatsApp Business account?

Yes, you can send PDFs, images, text messages, documents, contacts, and any messages through WhatsApp.

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