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Grow your online digital marketing business or start a completely new IT marketing business with the self-hosted version of a WhatsApp marketing platform. A fully functional and trusted white labeled WhatsApp marketing self-hosted platform to resell to your customers.

check-circleUnlimited revenue potential
check-circleSelf hosted platform on your own AWS server
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Your Brand

With self-hosted plans, you can easily modify the CSS and design as per your business needs giving you full platform customizations.

Your Server

You can host on our server or your own AWS server, giving you full control over data and the application.

Your Code

Since full code is available to you, you can modify it with the help of your tech team and extend the functionality to resell to your set of customers.

Benefits of self-hosted WhatsApp marketing platform

Own hostingSelf hosted

Opt for our self-hosting plan to deploy a personalized instance of Growby on your AWS server. Choose self-hosting to gain total control over the entire platform.

scalable soultionScalable Solution

Host the entire application on your server for ultimate control over its appearance and design. Modify the C# and .NET core code easily to fit your business needs.

endless earningEndless Earning Potential

Unlock the ability to set prices for different plans, perfectly tailored to your audience. Configure as many plans as needed for unlimited revenue opportunities.

Easy user managementEffortless User Control

Our user license module is user-friendly, enabling you to seamlessly add or remove licenses and set start and end dates for each.

Seamless integrationSmooth Integration

Enable automatic license generation for your customers with our APIs. Integrate seamlessly with tools like Zapier and Make for effortless platform compatibility.

Quick setupRapid Deployment

Upon purchasing the product, our deployment team promptly initiates the setup process. Within 7 days, you'll have a fully functional product ready for sale.

GDPR compliantGDPR compliant

Catering to a European audience? Deploy our application in your data center situated within Europe to adhere to GDPR regulations seamlessly.

 Regular UpdatesConsistent Updates

For updates, you can choose to get them every quarter and so you can keep the platform up-to-date.

Chatbot Icon Who we are?

Growby started in January 2022 with a small team of 4 people. Now we have grown to a team of more than 15 dedicated team of developers and designers striving to create the most advanced chatbot solution available.

Our self-hosted reseller plan, allows you to sell Growby with your own brand and logo. You can sell the platform at your own set prices.

If you are looking for specific customizations, do not hesitate to get in touch and we will try our best to make a dream product for you.


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Chatbot Icon How it works?

Embark on your journey to success with our self-hosted reseller plan through these simple steps. Start by scheduling a demo with us to explore the product in detail.

Once you're ready, make your purchase. Upon payment, our dedicated experts will guide you through every phase of onboarding and deployment on your server, ensuring a seamless experience.


Book a demo

We highly recommend trying out Growby's demo with our WhatsApp marketing specialist to grasp the potential of our self-hosted solution. Secure your slot now through this link.


Get a quotation & place your order

After familiarizing yourself with our platform, we'll provide you with a personalized quote tailored to your specific business needs and feature preferences. Once you're ready to proceed, we'll send you a secure payment link for order completion, followed promptly by an invoice.


AWS Server setup

For Growby, we leverage specific Amazon Web Services (AWS) functionalities like Lambda, EC2, and more. Rest assured, our deployment specialist will walk you through each stage, assuming responsibility for server control.


Training & Handover

Upon full hosting on our server, our team will conduct thorough training sessions covering all product modules.

Features of self-hosted white label reseller plan

Customizable Pricing

Exercise full control over pricing, tailoring chatbot rates to match the specific needs and budgets of your target customers.

Exclusive Branding

Establish a distinct brand identity by hosting the platform on your infrastructure, featuring your logo, colors, and unique branding elements.

License management (UI)

Generate licenses for all your customers who have purchased the product through your platform.

Reseller dashboard

Get a user-friendly reseller dashboard designed specifically for white-label WhatsApp marketing platform to efficiently manage all aspects of your customers' experience.

Source code access

Gain unrestricted access to the complete, unencrypted source code, to modify or extend the platform according to your technical expertise and specific requirements.

Dynamic ChatGPT integration

Use the power of ChatGPT integration, allowing you to utilize any OpenAI model such as ChatGPT 3.5 or 4.0 for creating an AI chatbot on top of WhatsApp.

Complete freedom

Enjoy complete freedom with our self-hosted solution. We refrain from requesting any commissions or royalty fees, granting you unrestricted control over your operations.

Feature management

Exercise granular control over feature access for your clients to offer premium features to higher-paying customers, enhancing the value proposition.

License management API

Automatically provide licenses to your customers right after they make a payment, enhancing your capabilities as a chatbot reseller.

Start selling now with Self hosted WhatsApp Marketing platform

Lifetime Pricing Plan

  • 1 Hour Onboarding Call
  • WhatsApp marketing software platform
  • Unlimited reselling license
  • Your logo and company name
  • Web hosting included
  • Phone, email, and chat support
    Free updates if hosted on our server. $199 / update if hosted on your server.
    Setup within 3-7 days of order
    Hosted on your own AWS server
  • Use your own domain name
  • Set your own price to resell
  • WordPress Website Theme
  • Lifetime plan with no markup cost.
    Source Code (.NET Core, C#, AWS Lambda, HTML, CSS, etc.)

FAQ's for our Self-hosted whitel label reseller plan

Can I host it on my servers? Do you provide software installation for Resellers?

We have multiple White label plans. Check out our pricing page for complete plans. There are few plans through which you can host the platform on your own server. We will help you with installation also with few of the plan.

What are the server specifications & technical requirements?

We only support AWS server as we are dependent on AWS lambda functions. You will need a Windows servers with SQL Server. A simple t2. Small instance of AWS should work fine for this application.

How many licenses can I generate in Whitelabel?

You can generate unlimited licenses.

Do you provide updates to the platform? What is included in the updates?

We provide free updates if the application is hosted on our server. $199 / update if hosted on your server. In updates, we provide bug-fixes if any, new features, improvements etc to the platform.

What do I get in the White label - Source code plan?Do you provide source code? In which programming language is Growby written?

With the whitelabel source code you’ll get the current source code of the software so you can develop the software yourself and add or subtract features as per your requirement. You can also provide white label panel to your customer like we do with the source code as you’ll have the same software that we have. You’ll get the source code of the current software. The source code is written in technologies like .NET Core, C#, AWS Lambda, HTML, CSS, etc.

Do you provide EU GDPR privacy?

Yes, you can host this application in your Europe region AWS data center for added GDPR compliance.

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