How to Generate License?

Step: 1

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Once you will login in the dashboard, this screen will appear. Here on the left hand side, just click on the “My Orders”.

Step: 2

After you click on “My Orders”, the below screen will appear. Click on “Generate License” as shown below.

Step: 3

After you click on “Generate License”, below screen will appear. Here, you can select the start date and end date of the license. Also, herein license email, you have to fill your customers email and create password as well.

Step: 4

In Cloud API Credentials, you have to fill phone number id and WhatsApp business account id and this blog, “How to setup WhatsApp Cloud API?” will guide you how to get these two credentials. Moreover, “How to generate permanent token in Cloud API?” will guide you to get “Access Token”, and in WhatsApp business number you have to fill your customers WhatsApp number.

Step: 5

After filling all the credentials, click on submit and all the generated license will be shown below.