Growby Whitelabel Reseller Program – Complete Overview

Searching for the opportunity to start your own IT business? Or a new source of income? Want to know more about Whitelabel reseller program?

You have landed on the right page.

You probably know that starting a new IT business is not easy. You may need any of the following things.

  • Skill needed to develop software/provide service
  • High budget to hire developers, marketing & sales team
  • Research to create a product that caters to the masses

What  if you had the chance to skip all this and just focus on selling software to your customers. With your own branding?

That’s what Growby offers. A simple whitelabel solution. You own branding, own prices. And voila, your business is up and running in no time.

Before we dive into the program that Growby offers, first let’s learn more about Growby’s WhatsApp marketing platform:

Growby- WhatsApp Marketing Software powered by Official WhatsApp API.

Growby is an official META tech partner. It provides WhatsApp marketing software.

It can be used to send 10000 messages to your contacts in minutes.

With Growby’s Marketing Software you can:

-Send bulk WhatsApp messages to unlimited contacts

-Free green tick verification

-Inbox to receive and chat with customers


  • Import unlimited contacts with easy contact management
  • Send 1000s of messages with powerful campaign management
  • Check incoming message in interactive inbox
  • 24×7 customer support with smart and powerful WhatsApp AI Chatbot
  • Multi WABA – Multi Number – Multi Account functionality

With these powerful features, your marketing campaign will surely soar to new heights.

But, why choose WhatsApp marketing?

Problem: Businesses everywhere are trying hard to reach their customers without spending too much.

But, using Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and other paid options is getting pricier by the day. It’s making it harder to get new customers without breaking the bank.

Solution:That’s where WhatsApp Marketing comes into play as a game changer.

So, we created Growby 3 years back with this in mind. Our goal? To give you all the WhatsApp marketing tools you need to find new customers more affordably and boost your returns.

Why WhatsApp, though? It’s simply the best for talking directly to people. Plus, the use of WhatsApp for sending bulk messages is on the rise.

You are familiar with what Growby can offer. Now let’s focus on the White Label program.

The program is divided into 2 types:

Growby’s Whitelabel Reseller Program: (Hosted)

Growby’s Whitelabel Reseller Program: (Self-Hosted)

Growby’s Whitelabel Reseller Program: (Hosted)

Growby provides a simple white label program. It provides a ready made WhatsApp marketing software. With this software you can :-

  • Use your own domain name
  • You can set your own branding.
  • Set your own prices.
  • Create unlimited licenses.
  • Start selling.

The software will be hosted on Growby server. Moreover, the database will also be on the Growby’s server as well.

Growby’s Whitelabel Reseller Program: (Self-Hosted Source Code)

In the self hosted plan (source code), the software and the database will be hosted on your server.

  • You get unlimited reselling of license.
  • Set your own prices.
  • Set your own branding and logo
  • Use your own domain

The benefit of the source code plan is that you own the whole software, which includes your database etc. Everything will be hosted on your server.

No strings attached with Growby.

Now you know what this program is all about.

Let’s see how much you’ll earn. Spoiler alert: it’s a lot!

Year Clients Revenue in INR Revenue in USD
Monthly Revenue Yearly Revenue Monthly Revenue Yearly Revenue
1 60 12000 1440000 2400 28800
2 120 24000 2880000 4800 57600
3 180 36000 4320000 7200 86400
4 240 48000 5760000 9600 15200
5 300 60000 7200000 12000 144000

This is just based on the market research and feedback we got from our existing clients.

These numbers can grow exponentially based on the number of clients you land, the price you keep etc.

And it’s not a tedious process of starting your business with Growby.

In 4 simple steps, you can start your IT business with Growby.

Now, let’s talk about your investment. Once again a spoiler alert – It’s very less !!

Investment Vs Earnings

One time investment of $369 – Earnings of at least $28800 in your first year, considering an average of 60 clients and pricing kept at $40.

Let’s say, you decide to increase the pricing to $60,  your earnings sky rocket to $43200/- year.

The point is, sky’s the limit when it comes to your earnings.

An increase in the number of clients you land, the prices you keep – your earnings will only see an upward graph.

Advantages of White Label Branding:

Efficiency in Production and Distribution

Companies can divide responsibilities such that one specializes in manufacturing, another in marketing, and a third in sales, aligning with each firm’s core competencies.

Cost Savings

White labeling helps save on time, energy, and financial resources by reducing the need for each company to individually engage in product development and marketing efforts.

Expertise Utilization

Each participating company can focus on what it does best, whether it’s product creation, marketing strategies, or sales execution, enhancing overall product quality and market response.

Reduced Transportation Costs

Exclusive deals between supermarkets and manufacturers can lead to lower transportation expenses, benefiting from distributional economies of scale.

Economies of Scale: Companies can achieve economies of scale in distribution, making the product more cost-effective and competitive in the market.

Real-world examples

Costco’s Kirkland Brand: Costco, a major US-based warehouse club operator, utilizes its Kirkland brand for private label products without manufacturing them directly. Instead, it contracts with various producers to supply products for the Kirkland packaging.

Product Placement Strategy: Kirkland-branded items are often placed alongside the national brands that manufacture them, offering identical products under different names. This strategy positions the Kirkland brand as a competitive alternative, often at a lower price.

Example of Product Offering: Despite Saran Wrap being a trademarked product by S.C. Johnson & Son, Costco sells a similar product under its own Kirkland Signature brand, showcasing its ability to offer comparable quality products.

Co-branding and Premium Offerings: Costco enhances the value of its private label through premium offerings and strategic co-branding with renowned companies such as Starbucks, Quaker Oats (a PepsiCo subsidiary), and Tyson Foods.

Mutual Benefits of Co-branding: Executives from both the consumer product sector and retail industry view co-branding efforts between retailers and national brands as mutually beneficial, enhancing product offerings and consumer choice.

Reason to invest in whitelabel

Cost and Time Efficiency:

Avoid the high costs and resource allocation needed for developing a solution from scratch.

Opt for a white label solution that meets your needs to save both time and money.

Enhanced Product Range:

White label solutions enable quick expansion of your product offerings without significant investment.

Faster Market Entry:

Stay ahead by quickly launching new products to meet customer demands, bypassing the lengthy development process.

White label products allow for rapid addition of tools and services to your portfolio.

Reduced Risk and Increased Brand Credibility:

Developing in-house solutions carries significant risks, including budget overruns and underdelivery.

Focus on Core Business:

Utilizing white label solutions lets you concentrate on your business’s key strengths rather than diverting resources to areas outside your expertise.

This approach ensures more efficient use of your resources and helps achieve your business goals more effectively.

Open source vs Whitelabel solution

Open source solution


Source code is freely available online for anyone to use, offering a no-cost foundation for software development.


Utilizing open source is akin to assembling furniture without instructions; it provides components without guidance.

Requires hiring developers for customization, setup, and testing, incurring additional costs in time, money, and effort.

White Label Solutions:

Turnkey Solution

Offers a complete, fully-functioning product ready for immediate use, bypassing the need to deal with code or setup.

Time and Effort Savings

Enables focus on other business areas by eliminating the need for extensive development and testing.

Cost Consideration

Involves initial investment but justifies the cost through immediate usability, support, and the avoidance of development complexities.

Provides various packages to suit different budgetary needs, allowing for flexibility in choice.

Different types of reseller programs in the market:

Now, apart form whatsapp marketing software, there are other types of software which can be used for reselling.

There are many brands who provides softwares like

-Email marketing tool

-SEO tools

-CRM softwares
Etc for partnership or white labeling. To know more about this, you can click here.

Wrapping up

Growby’s White-label Reseller Program is a game-changer for those looking to start their own IT business with ease. It eliminates the need for heavy initial investment and complex setup, allowing entrepreneurs to sell WhatsApp marketing solutions under their brand. With options for both hosted and self-hosted plans, the program offers flexibility and a high potential for earnings, making it an attractive option for aspiring business owners in the digital marketing arena.

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