Importance of WhatsApp Marketing in the Healthcare Industry

WhatsApp marketing software is becoming super important in healthcare, you know? With tech getting better and touching every part of our lives, even healthcare isn’t left behind.

WhatsApp, which we all use to chat and stay in touch, is now playing a big role in healthcare too. It’s helping connect doctors and patients better, making it easier to get healthcare services quickly and efficiently. Pretty cool, right?

So, let’s deep dive into how WhatsApp marketing is important for the healthcare industry.

Why should healthcare use WhatsApp for marketing?

Well, when you compare it to old-school methods like calling or emailing, WhatsApp has some cool benefits. It lets doctors and patients share photos, videos, and voice messages, making it way easier to explain and understand complex health stuff.

In healthcare, timing can be super important. With WhatsApp, doctors can chat in real time, answering questions fast, which means people get help quicker, wait less, and have a better experience overall.

Another great thing is that WhatsApp keeps a neat record of all chats, so doctors can easily look back at a patient’s history or find past conversations, making it super easy to keep track of everything. Plus, because so many people use and love WhatsApp, it’s a friendly and cheap way for healthcare providers to reach out.

WhatsApp has really changed the game for healthcare. Like, there was this time they teamed up with the California Department of Public Health to launch a free chatbot. It was all about fighting wrong info about COVID-19, helping folks book vaccine shots, and getting their vaccine records. Pretty awesome, right?

Benefits of using WhatsApp marketing for healthcare:

  • High Open and Engagement Rates: Did you know that more than 98% of WhatsApp messages are opened and read? And people hang out on the app for about 30 minutes a day. So, healthcare folks can be pretty sure that patients will see and pay attention to their messages.
  • Direct Chat: WhatsApp lets doctors and healthcare providers chat directly with patients. No need for any other apps or platforms. This means they can talk more personally and quickly respond to any questions.
  • Super Convenient and Free: Everyone has their phone on them, right? That makes WhatsApp a super handy way for patients to keep in touch with their healthcare providers. And the best part? It’s totally free to use, so it’s a budget-friendly option for healthcare marketing.

Use case of WhatsApp Marketing for Healthcare:

Exchange Professional Insights:

  • Doctors can create groups to share and discuss medical knowledge, challenging cases, and research articles.
  • These groups enable doctors from various locations and specialties to collaborate and seek advice easily.

Share Medical Research Findings:

  • Doctors can use WhatsApp to share research findings, papers, and discoveries with peers.
  • This fosters knowledge sharing and keeps healthcare professionals updated on the latest research, leading to better patient care.

Discuss Challenging Cases:

  • Special groups can be formed for doctors to discuss difficult cases and seek advice.
  • Doctors can detail symptoms, tests, and attempted treatments, receiving insights and suggestions from colleagues.

Coordinate in Real-Time for Patient Care:

  • WhatsApp facilitates real-time communication among doctors for efficient patient care coordination.
  • Dedicated groups allow for the sharing of patient updates and treatment plans, ensuring all caregivers are informed.

Appointment Scheduling and Reminders:

  • Doctors can schedule appointments and send details directly to patients’ WhatsApp, streamlining the process.
  • Appointment reminders can be automated or manually sent to reduce no-shows.

Sending Health Updates and Test Results:

  • Securely share health updates and test results with patients, allowing for quick access to important health information.
  • This feature supports patient engagement by enabling them to discuss results and ask questions directly.

Sharing Medication Reminders:

  • Set up reminders for patients about medication names, dosages, and timing, ensuring adherence to prescribed treatments.
  • Provide instructions on medication intake, dietary restrictions, or side effects, enhancing patient care and understanding.

Now, let’s see how Growby comes into the picture?

Growby is an official Meta business partner which provides WhatsApp marketing software powered by the official WhatsApp API.

The features of Growby are:

Contact management: Easily import 10000’s of contact without hassle.

Campaign management: Broadcast 1000s of messages in seconds.

Interactive inbox: Reply to your customer’s replies with the user friendly inbox.

WhatsApp automation: Keyboard based custom automation.

WhatsApp AI Chatbot: Provide 24×7 customer support using the powerful AI chatbot powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Using these features, you can easily use whatsapp marketing software in the healthcare industry.

How is Chatbot and automation helpful in the healthcare industry?

Use a WhatsApp chatbot to simplify the appointment scheduling process.

  • Patients can easily schedule appointments.
  • The chatbot directs patients to the appropriate department or doctor.
  • It’s useful for setting up various types of appointments, including consultations and checkups, and provides information on doctors’ schedules.

Example of implementation:

  • Customers can enter specific numbers to receive information for a physical examination and make appointment requests.
  • Customer service confirms these bookings within 24 hours, making the process efficient and reducing waiting times for responses.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, WhatsApp marketing is revolutionizing the healthcare industry by providing a platform for direct, real-time communication between healthcare providers and patients. This not only improves the efficiency of healthcare delivery but also enhances patient engagement and care.

With high engagement rates, the convenience of direct chat, and the ability to share crucial health updates instantly, WhatsApp stands out as a powerful tool in healthcare marketing. Enter Growby, an official Meta business partner offering a robust WhatsApp marketing software.

Growby leverages the official WhatsApp API to streamline contact and campaign management, automate appointments, and even deploy AI chatbots for 24/7 support, making it an invaluable asset for healthcare providers looking to adopt WhatsApp marketing. Growby subtly bridges the gap between advanced technology and healthcare, ensuring a seamless and efficient patient care experience.

Did you know, using a free whatsapp api for the hospital industry can be one of the best cost effective solutions.



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