SMS Marketing Vs WhatsApp Marketing: Who comes out on top?

Businesses everywhere are switching gears – and for a good reason. WhatsApp marketing software is now the go-to tool for customer engagement, outshining the once-dominant SMS marketing. 

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As Bill Gates once said, ‘Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.’ In this era, learning how to communicate effectively with customers through platforms like WhatsApp is key to success.

Now, let’s explore why SMS marketing is starting to lag behind.

Why is SMS Marketing Falling Behind?

Let’s talk about SMS marketing. It used to be the go-to method, but it’s losing its shine. Why? Well, it’s pretty simple. SMS can only handle a few characters, and doesn’t support videos or GIFs, and let’s be honest, people are now looking for something more engaging.

Plus, with everyone having smartphones these days, apps like WhatsApp are stealing the show. This isn’t just a passing trend; it’s a big shift in how we all like to communicate.

WhatsApp vs SMS: What’s the Difference?

So, what makes WhatsApp better than SMS? Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Open Rates: Almost everyone reads WhatsApp messages, but SMS? Not so much.
  • Length and Content: You can write a mini-novel in a WhatsApp message, but SMS cuts you off after just a few words.
  • Fun Stuff: WhatsApp lets you send pictures, videos, even voice notes. SMS? Just plain old text.
  • Knowing What Happened: WhatsApp tells you if someone read your message. SMS? Not so much.
  • Global Reach Without Breaking the Bank: Sending WhatsApp messages around the world doesn’t cost extra, but international SMS can add up.
  • Two-Way Chat: You can have actual conversations on WhatsApp. SMS is more of a one-way street.
  • Tracking and Analytics: WhatsApp gives you the lowdown on how your messages are doing. SMS? It’s pretty basic.

Want the details at a glance? We’ve put together a table below that lays it all out. It’s like WhatsApp vs. SMS, but in a nutshell

Feature WhatsApp Marketing SMS Marketing
Open Rate Up to 98% Varies, generally lower
Character Limit Up to 65,536 Limited to 160
Multimedia Support Images, Videos, GIFs, etc. Text only
Delivery Reports Detailed Limited
Global Reach Cost More cost-effective Higher for international
Two-way Communication Interactive conversations One-way messaging
Analytics and Tracking Advanced analytics Basic tracking

WhatsApp Marketing: Perfect for Business Growth

If you’re a business, using WhatsApp marketing is a smart move. You can start by building a list of contacts who are okay with hearing from you.

Then, you can create messages that really speak to them. With WhatsApp, you’ve got a ton of space and can use all sorts of media to make your point. It’s all about engaging your audience and driving engagement.

Mixing SMS and WhatsApp Marketing

SMS still has its moments. It’s great for quick, urgent messages and reaching lots of people, especially where smartphones aren’t common. But WhatsApp? That’s where the action is. It’s perfect for more detailed messages and really connecting with your audience.

Why WhatsApp Often Wins

WhatsApp is all about rich media – think images, videos, even audio. It engages people more than just text. Plus, it’s everywhere, making it great for reaching a global audience.

Growby’s WhatsApp Marketing Software: A Step Ahead

Growby’s software makes WhatsApp marketing even better. It’s got an 

  • Interactive inbox for easy customer chats.
  • A WhatsApp AI chatbot for quick response.
  •  Great ways to manage your contacts.
  •  Tools to track how your campaigns are doing. 

Long story short, It’s a game-changer.

We’ve been discussing the significant shift from SMS to WhatsApp, driven by WhatsApp’s immense popularity.

Given this backdrop, the rapid expansion of AI technology brings us to an intriguing question: 

Is AI Coming to WhatsApp Marketing?

Absolutely, and it’s already making a big splash. AI has firmly planted its roots in WhatsApp marketing, notably through the innovative WhatsApp AI chatbots. Think of these chatbots as WhatsApp’s very own digital assistants.

They’re revolutionizing the way businesses communicate, offering instant, automated responses and personalized interactions. This isn’t just about sending messages anymore. It’s about using AI to create a responsive, engaging customer experience.

Wrapping Up

WhatsApp marketing is leading the way in how businesses talk to their customers. It’s versatile, engaging, and with tools like Growby’s software, it’s super effective. Sure, SMS has its place, but WhatsApp is where it’s at. By combining these strategies, businesses can stay connected in the most efficient way possible. Remember, it’s all about finding the right mix for your audience!