Wondering How to Bulk Broadcast WhatsApp Messages to Your Customers? Here Are A Few Tips

WhatsApp Broadcast, also known as Broadcast Lists, is a function that allows you to send a certain message to multiple contacts at the same time. Using Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software can help you achieve it very easily

In other words, you can use a bulk WhatsApp sender software tool to send bulk WhatsApp messages to any person. The broadcast message will appear to your recipients as an individual message from you, and they will not be able to see other recipients of the broadcasted message. Bulk WhatsApp marketing software is easily available and is convenient for businesses looking to send bulk messages at once.

What can I do to use Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software ?

Businesses use the WhatsApp bulk message sender software broadcast capability for a variety of reasons, which we’ve included below:

  • Inform clients about forthcoming sales, events, or webinars.
  • Inform customers about store closings.
  • Announce the release of new products.
  • Share special discount codes with your contact list.
  • Promote the opening of a new store.

And there are many more!

How Can You Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages Using Growby?

You can easily use Growby’s Web WhatsApp sender software to send bulk messages on WhatsApp, here’s how:

For already existing contacts

Step 1: To begin, sign up for Growby and connect your WhatsApp Business account to set up your workspace. Contacts can be imported into your workspace.

Step 2: After you’ve imported all your contacts, go to the left panel, and click the ‘New Broadcast’ button.

Step 3: Fill in your broadcast name, a time for it to be sent, and the broadcast channel – in this case, WhatsApp. Choose ‘Send to an existing recipient’ and enter your message. 

Step 4: You can also use placeholders to personalize the message! (Skip to the following section if you’re sending to new recipients.)

Step 5: Choose from your list of WhatsApp contacts and press the ‘Continue’ button.

Step 6: Check to ensure that your messaging and contacts are correct. Once it is completed, click ‘Send Now’ to send the message! If you are not yet ready, simply select ‘Save as Draft’ and return to it later.

That’s all there is to it for broadcasting messages to your existing contacts!

For making new contacts

  • The procedure remains the same, except that instead of selecting ‘Send to existing recipients,’ you select ‘Send to a new recipient.’
  • So, after you’ve created your Growby account and linked it to WhatsApp Business, go to the Broadcast page and click ‘New Broadcast’.
  • Fill out the essential fields and click ‘Send to a new recipient.’
  • Upload your CSV file and follow our ‘Phone’ ‘Message’ template.
  • After you’ve uploaded your CSV file, click ‘Proceed.’ You’ll see a preview of the messages that have been delivered to the recipients. Check to ensure that all of the numbers and messages are correct.
  • To begin the broadcast campaign, click ‘Send Now!’ If you aren’t ready yet, you can always save this as a draught and launch it later.

And that’s how you can use Growby to send bulk WhatsApp messages to existing and new contacts!

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software Restrictions

While it may seem like WhatsApp Broadcast messages are a pipe dream, don’t get too excited just yet! WhatsApp has implemented certain broadcast constraints to preserve users’ experiences and prevent spam.

Only contacts who have your phone number will be able to receive your message: Your broadcast message will only be received by individuals who have added you to their contacts.

There is a limit to the number of persons to whom you can broadcast: In each WhatsApp broadcast list, you can only send a broadcast message to a maximum of 256 people

WhatsApp Business does not support APIs or integrations, meaning you must manually enter customer information into your CRM systems as it cannot be integrated with other apps.

Strict template specifications govern WhatsApp message templates, which are customized message formats businesses use when communicating with clients. Here are some reasons your templates might face rejection:

  • Errors in grammar or spelling.
  • The language you choose does not integrate with the content of your message template.
  • It was submitted in the wrong format. The list continues…

As you can see, there are a few rules you must follow to submit your template for review. It may take 1 to 3 business days for your template to be approved.

Is There a Way To Avoid Broadcast Limits On WhatsApp?

You can use Growby’s bulk WhatsApp marketing software download function to send bulk WhatsApp messages to all your contacts, whether they are current or new. Simply add a contact list, create a message, and push send! Try out our WhatsApp Marketing free Demo.

You can also send unique messages to each individual contact number by uploading a CSV file with distinct texts for each number.


We hope this has helped you better understand what WhatsApp Broadcast is and how you can utilize it for your business. With Growby’s WhatsApp Broadcast, you now have a new way to communicate with your clients and uncover new business prospects. Start using Growby’s bulk WhatsApp sender services to learn how this solution can help you and use WhatsApp Marketing software offered by Growby!