Reseller white label self-hosted with source code lifetime plan details

What is a white-label plan?

White label plan is Growby’s reseller platform for startups, IT, and digital marketing companies. It can be used to sell our WhatsApp marketing software hosted on []( under your name and logo to your clients. The User interface will be the same but we will replace our branding from the dashboard and add your name and logo so that you can charge your customer at your own price.

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Will I get a website with the white-label plan?

You will get the WhatsApp marketing platform to send campaigns, Inbox, Chatbot, Automation, etc.

Can I host it on my servers? Do you provide software installation for Resellers?

We have multiple white-label plans. Check out our pricing page for complete plans. There are a few plans through which you can host the platform on your server. We will help you with installation and also with a few of the plans.

How to create a whitelabel?

To create a White label, you need to log in to our panel and generate the license from the “MY ORDERS” section. Before that, you need to fill in the web hosting page and create API credentials for your customer. You can refer to the link for your customer – [How to Generate License](

What are the White label plans available?

We have multiple white-label plans. Check out our pricing page for complete plans.

What do I get in the White-label – Source code plan? Do you provide source code? In which programming language is Growby written?

With the white label source code, you’ll get the current source code of the software so you can develop the software yourself and add or subtract features as per your requirements. You can also provide a white label panel to your customer like we do with the source code as you’ll have the same software that we have. You’ll get the source code of the current software. The source code is written in technologies like .NET Core, C#, AWS Lambda, HTML, CSS, etc.

What are the server specifications & technical requirements?

 We only support AWS servers as we are dependent on AWS lambda functions. You will need a Windows server with SQL Server. A simple t2.small instance of AWS should work fine for this application.

How many licenses can I generate in Whitelabel?

You can generate unlimited licenses.

Do you provide updates to the platform? What is included in the updates?

We provide free updates if the application is hosted on our server. $199 / update if hosted on your server. In updates, we provide bug fixes if any, new features, improvements, etc to the platform.

Can you activate the standard plan for 7 days to test it out?

We can’t provide the platform free of cost. You can join any of the live webinars to [Learn more about the product](

What if I want a refund?

Refund is not possible as we put a lot of effort into building this codebase and setting up the Whitelabel version for you.

How many WhatsApp messages for campaigns outbound can be handled by Growby Software and Meta?

We can send up to 50 messages per second while Meta can handle 300 messages per second. So basically, you can send above 1.8 lakh messages per hour.

Can we send PDF, Video, and image messages via the Reseller platform on WhatsApp?

You can send PDFs, videos, images, etc.

Do you provide EU GDPR privacy?

Yes, you can host this application in your Europe region AWS data center for added GDPR compliance.

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