Whatso Is Now Growby

Over the years, our journey began with a focus on WhatsApp marketing, and thus the name "Whatso" was a fitting representation. But as time went on, we did more than just that. We helped businesses grow in many ways and helped our customers achieve more.

It was evident that our original name, "Whatso", no longer captured our broader vision. We needed a name that could signify growth, expansion, and success.

And that's when "Growby" came into the picture.

Derived from the term "grow", it symbolizes our commitment to not just help businesses communicate but to grow and flourish. By adding "by", we emphasize that growth is achieved 'by' our collective efforts, 'by' our innovative solutions, and 'by' the trust our clients place in us.

Grow by marks a new chapter for our customers, our team, and everyone who believes in our mission.

Welcome to the Growby journey!

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Growby Logo By Growby | Last Updated: August 16, 2023