7 Reasons to look for a WATI Alternative

There are a plethora of WATI alternatives. Even choosing the Best WATI alternative from it can be done in the long run. But before all this, you need to know the reasons to look for a WATI alternative.

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For example , you go to a cake store. You have 20 cakes in front of you. You won’t just go and select a random one. You will have your reasons to choose a specific cake, won’t you?

With that logic in mind,

We give you 7 reasons to use the best WATI alternative

1. UI/UX of WATI

“Rule of thumb for UI/UX: More options, more problems.” – Scott Belsky

This is what WATI has constantly been facing issues with. It has a plethora of options which makes the overall user experience not a good one.

They have the best teams working on improving the performance of their customers. But as they say, too many cooks spoil the broth. Similarly, having too many features can confuse the user.

2. API implementation

WhatsApp marketing companies like Growby provide instant API approval and implementation.

But API approval from WATI takes an approximate time of 1-2 weeks. Moreover, the API is only implemented post-payment.

This makes the users a bit restless at times.

3. Green Tick Application for Businesses

WATI provides green tick verification service. But this feature comes with extra charges for the same.

Moreover, the support team provides the basic information on how to apply for green tick verification for businesses. But they won’t provide the support till the very end.

Basic support is provided by WATI.

4. Per Message Costing

Let’s break down what these costs actually are:

What does Conversation-based pricing mean?

WhatsApp has changed its billing system for businesses to a conversation-based model since February 1, 2022.

This means companies are now charged based on the type of conversation rather than each message sent.

  • Marketing Conversation – Messages that include updates on products, special offers, advertisements, or promotional content.
  • Utility Conversation – Messages that are transactional, such as updates on delivery status or payment confirmations.
  • Authentication Conversation – Messages that contain One Time Passwords (OTPs) for new sign-ups, account recovery, or security verifications.
  • Service Conversation – Messages aimed at providing customer support, answering queries, or offering assistance.

For these kinds of messages, WATI charges 98, 39, 41 & 41 INR Paise respectively.

Whereas other WhatsApp Marketing software providers like Growby charge 72, 29, 31, and 31 INR Paise respectively.

5. Customer support

“If you don’t take care of your customer, your competitor will.” – Bob Hooey

Without customers, a business would collapse within a matter of a few hours. Customer support has to be the most crucial part of any business.

WATI does provide customer support. But it has its limitations.

In case of any issues, customers have to raise a ticket. After 2-4 business days, the issue is taken into consideration and the customer is then contacted.

This delay in escalation can sometimes leave the customer irritated and feeling neglected, which in turn can harm the business’s reputation and customer loyalty.

We talked about customer support, now let’s talk about the channels used for customer support.

6. Customer Support Channels.

WATI provides customer support mainly using email. The customer has to mail them the issue. A ticket is raised. After 2-3 working days, the team reaches out to the customer.

Companies like Growby have multiple support channels – WhatsApp support, Call, Email, Zoom/Google Meet.

This helps the customers to get their issue solved quickly, thus still maintaining the trust and relations.

7. Keyword Based Chatbot

WATI has a chatbot automation tool. This helps businesses to have quick conversations with the customers.

When the customer support team is busy, the chatbot automation helps to reduce the customer queries by solving it.

But this automation has its own limitations. Its keyword based automation.

The chatbot only replies when a certain keyword is triggered.

This limitation is already overcomed by companies like Growby which have created WhatsApp AI chatbot to work smoothly with their WhatsApp marketing software.

This AI powered Chatbot quickly replies to any customer queries.


In conclusion, while WATI has its strengths, the search for the best WATI alternative brings us to Growby. This WhatsApp marketing software not only addresses the shortcomings mentioned above but also enhances your marketing efforts with its efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly solutions. With Growby, you’re not just choosing a tool; you’re selecting a partner dedicated to your business’s growth and customer satisfaction.

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